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Mix Tape: Alive and Kicking

In this week’s Mix Tape on the Kenyon Review blog: Why Congress should try poetry instead of prayer, Nick Flynn on torture, the book equivalent of the liger, and some other juicy bits.

Wish You Were Here (“We’re just two lost souls swimming in a fish bowl…”)

This week’s Mix Tape on the Kenyon Review blog asks–and answers:  To friend the famous poet on Facebook or not to friend the famous poet on Facebook? What was on Hamlet’s iPod? What might Poe be listening to from the great beyond, now that his historic Baltimore home might close?

Mix Tape: Braaaains…and Other Food for Thought

A Romero-endorsed imprint dedicated to publishing zombie fiction, an illustrated list of famous writers’ favorite snacks, and Facebook’s role in the death of the innovative e-book: Check out these stories and a few surprises in this week’s Mix Tape on the Kenyon Review blog.

Mix Tape: Expect the Unexpected

This week’s Mix Tape on the Kenyon Review blog: a chain of snarkiness, a celebrity baby’s tie to great literature, a look into what Sonic Youth and poetry have in common (other than that I’m a fan of both), and an interview with Donald Ray Pollock.

Mix Tapes

A first blog post about a first blog post? How very meta.

I’ve just started doing a wee bit of blogging for the Kenyon Review Online. My column is called Mix Tape, and each week I’ll post a collection of literary tidbits, loosely organized around a theme. Check out Mix Tape: Growing Pains.


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