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25 Aug


Fire & Bone: Maggie Smith – Ruth Awad – Anna Rose Welch

Suzanne Hodsden

25 Aug


7:30 pm

— 9:00 pm

Two Dollar Radio HQ

1124 Parsons Ave




Two Dollar Radio is hosting Fire & Bone, A night of poetry with three fierce lady poets. All of these women are festooned with awards, and all of them are coming with the poems. You don’t want to miss it.

We’ll start off the night with Columbus-native and treasured poet Maggie Smith, author of The Well Speaks of its Own Poison, Lamp of the Body, and most recently a book almost called Weep Up but instead called Good Bones, after a poem that went crazy viral in 2016.

She’ll be followed by Ruth Awad, local poet and author of the book Set to Music a Wildfire, which won the 2016 Michael Waters Poetry Prize.

And to finish the night, Anna Rose Welch, a poet traveling to see us from Erie, PA. Her book We, The Almighty Fires won the Alice James Award in 2016.

And finally, the host for the evening is Suzanne Hodsden, the sometimes tech editor and book reviewer for the Mid-American Review who has been working on a novel for longer than is decent.

On behalf of Suzanne and Two Dollar Radio, we really hope you make it.