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Mix Tape: Snark Week

In this week’s Mix Tape on the Kenyon Review blog: auto-generated hipster text, a flashback to the book-loving California Raisins, slang (and sampling) in literature, and a few more tidbits worth checking out.

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The Long-Distance Workshop

I’m really looking forward to taking part in the Kenyon Review Writers Workshop with Stanley Plumly next week—although I’m more than a little rusty. It’s been (ahem) eight years since I last workshopped a poem or even had a firm deadline for one. Since leaving… Read More

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Mix Tapes

A first blog post about a first blog post? How very meta. I’ve just started doing a wee bit of blogging for the Kenyon Review Online. My column is called Mix Tape, and each week I’ll post a collection of literary tidbits, loosely organized around a… Read More