Keep Moving: The Journal

// Thrive Through Change and Create a Life You Love

"Keep Moving: The Journal" book cover

Published October 26, 2021

Based on the national bestseller Keep Moving, a 52-exercise journal about hope and renewal from the award-winning poet.

As Maggie Smith navigated loss and upheaval, she wrote to herself each day–forgiving herself for a past mistake, reflecting on moments of joy, or looking towards the future, ending each note-to-self with the phrase “keep moving.”

In her own words, “I wasn’t offering wisdom from on high; I was talking to myself at the bottom of a dark well, trying to climb up into the light, little by little, day by day.” Smith was surprised not only by how uplifting this process was, but also by the outpouring of support and gratitude from thousands of people who found solace in her words.

Through the healing power of writing, Keep Moving: The Journal invites us to find beauty in the present moment, embrace change, and create a life we love.

 Raves & Reviews

Praise for Keep Moving

“A meditation on kindness and hope, and how to move forward through grief.” — NPR

“A physical reminder to never give up, regardless of the obstacles life hands [us].”
— Popsugar

Keep Moving is perfect for right now.” — Al Roker

“A shining reminder to learn all we can from this moment, rebuilding ourselves in the darkness so that we may come out wiser, kinder, and stronger on the other side.”
— The Boston Globe

“Powerful essays on loss, endurance, and renewal.” — People

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