“This may sound like hyperbole, but it is not: Maggie Smith is the best editor who has ever worked on one of my manuscripts. She understood exactly what I was trying to accomplish in my project and she knew—it seemed instinctively—how to sharpen and rearrange my poems so that they could achieve their best purpose. Her line edits were extraordinary: she knew exactly where my language became strained from excessiveness, and she knew how to trim the poems back so that they could ‘breathe’ more. Her reordering of the poems gave the manuscript much better flow. I imagine that without Maggie’s help, I’d still be struggling with this manuscript now, not knowing quite what to do. I trust her good guidance, her keen ear and eye. And it meant a lot to me that in her comments, she was always gentle, even when offering criticism. I cannot praise Maggie Smith enough!”     —Gillian Cummings

“Maggie is such an incredible editor; she really brought out the best in my writing project. She provided timely edits on individual pieces and helped me focus the manuscript into a working order that I’d been unable to see. Maggie is kind, professional, and effective—my chapbook was selected for publication only a few months after working with her!”     —Eloisa Amezcua

“When I was younger, I never enjoyed the workshopping process, and as I’ve gotten older the circle of those I trust to edit my poetry has shrunk to almost zero.  However, I sent Maggie Smith a manuscript of my poems that was so close to me I was having trouble producing a final draft.  Maggie was warm yet surgical in her selection and editing of that book.  She took what was a selected works collection, a best of ten years of work, and gave it a strength and a shape I never could have.  She took a book I was already proud of, and she made it something undeniably better.”     —Darren C. Demaree

“I contacted Maggie at a point when I needed some clarity on a manuscript I was putting together, but ended up receiving more: insight that applied to my work in general. Maggie’s efforts helped me identify both problems and solutions, and also helped me see greater potential in the poems as a unified whole. She was honest, kind, and edited with precise yet artful economy. What poet doesn’t need a boost in confidence once in a while? Working with Maggie gave me that. I would hire her again without hesitation.”
—Cameron Alexander Lawrence

“Not only is Maggie Smith a brilliant poet in her own right, but she has a greatly attuned editorial ear. Her detailed notes on individual poems as well as suggestions for overall arrangement in both a chapbook and a larger collection of mine were most necessary in readying them for publication.”     —S. Asher Sund